Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Choosing the Right Makeup Colors for You

What color family is right for you? Does your skin have cool, warm, or neutral undertones? Let us explore color together. You have cool undertones if: Your skin is: pink, rosy, beige, or brown. Your hair is: a soft shade of brown or blonde, or dark brown or black. And your eyes are: blue, gray, or black-brown.

You have warm undertones if:
Your skin is: golden or olive.

Your hair is: golden or red.

And your eyes are: green or brown.

You have neutral undertones if you have a balance between warm and cool undertones. Most women have neutral undertones.

If you have cool undertones, then you should choose your eye shadow, blush, and lip colors from the cool color family. The cool color family is your pinks and roses and also includes fuchsias, violets, lavenders, grapes, cherries and wines. Pinks and roses are good for cool to neutral skin tones.

If you have neutral undertones, then you should choose your eye shadow, blush, and lip colors from one of the neutral color families. Mauves and berries are considered neutral. Mauves and berries also include: mauves, berries, plums, burgundies, lilacs, and cranberries. Mauves and berries are good for cool to neutral skin tones but leans more toward neutral.

Corals and reds are also considered neutral. Corals and reds include: peaches, corals, oranges, brownish reds, tawnies, apricots, and all shades of red except for the bluish reds, which are considered cool. Corals and reds are good for neutral to warm skin tones but leans more toward the neutral.

If you have warm undertones, then you should choose your colors from the warm color family. The beiges and browns are considered warm colors and includes: browns, bronzes, golds, mochas, taupes and spices. Beiges and browns are good for warm to neutral skin tones.

Now that you know more about skin undertones, you now have the knowledge to pick the perfect makeup color for your skin. But by all means, if you have cool undertones but are drawn to the warmer colors don’t think this is written in stone. Have fun and experiment with your new colors. Choose lighter or darker shades of your colors to spice things up a bit.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tips on how to choose a right handbag

How to choose the right handbag. Surely the fashion-forward girl can't stash all her must-haves in her hands or pockets. The latter adds bulk and the former, well it's just impractical. So when you decide to carry a handbag, be as meticulous about its selection as you are with your wardrobe. When making your choice, think style, size, structure, and season. First, your handbag has to match your outfit. As is the case with shoes, you should use your handbag to render contrast. For example, a red or tan soft briefcase adds just a touch of flair a black or navy suit. A nice black clutch brings polish to a bright print ensemble. Conversely, a fashionable Burberry tote works well with almost any solid. There are times when the situation warrants form over fashion, but with the plethora of inexpensive options at the like there's no reason to sacrifice and carry an old, unseemly bag. Even the wishy-washy types with no apparent personal style can make a nice impression with the right bag. The possibilities are endless, so you can set your own limitations. The only hardfast statute is casual bag with casual dress formal bag with formal dress, etc. If you prefer to carry the same handbag most of the time, choose a neutral go with a bag that represents your own unique style or experiment with color and texture without breaking the rules for your body type. So really the choice is yours! Now that you've identified a style and size range, seek out structure. Look for a defined shape that will hold even when filled to capacity. Most often good structure can only be found with good material and even better construction. So the quality aspect can take care of itself. Another feature to focus on is expandable elements such as buckles and other fasteners. Detaching these features provides more room, but at the cost of style and structure. Resist the urge to pack in all in and keep the fasteners intact for a more organized appearance. Otherwise, your purse literally starts to resemble a bag straight from your favorite neighborhood grocery. Regardless of style, the size of a bag should never overwhelm your frame. This means that taller ladies can carry most any size, while petites should stick with the smaller fare. The same logic applies to straps - straps should not be so long that the bag hits your hip or below. An oversized low-slung bag can make even the most dainty woman come off as dumpy, causing her posture to tilt and stride to break. Control your bag don't let it control you. Don't cling to that colorful canvas tote in the dead of winter. Put away to the suede saddle bag when the flowers start to bloom in spring. You wouldn't floss your corduroy in July, so don't carry your heaviest leather satchel while wearing your linens. Remember to be smart when storing your handbags. If possible, place them is a breathable dust bag for protection, so when to seasons change again you're ready to go change to the right handbag too.